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What We Fund

We fund vital cure research for all childhood cancers, and at labs all across the United States.


We fund research specifically for childhood cancers.  

What type of research depends on the type of cancer, because not all childhood cancers are at the same place on the research advancement spectrum.  For the underinvestigated cancers, we fund basic science to help advance research success for that particular cancer… like identifying the gene, or building a tumor bank to allow investigators to study the cancer and determine its trigger(s).  For cancers that have advanced further in the research lab, we fund both pre-clinical and clinical work.  We fund specific translational research studies for cancers, like bypassing the blood brain barrier in brain tumors, immunotherapy trials, and other promising work.  Our approach is to help get research for each cancer to the next level.

Sustainable Support:
With the NIH budget continuing to shrink, researchers are spending up to 75% of their time applying for funding grants.  Pediatric cancer research funding from the government has been reduced by over 30%, (in inflation adjusted dollars), over the past ten years.  We need to help research progress, not stagnate or even evaporate due to budget issues!  Only through your support can we provide sustainable support to this critical work.


Organizations like Make Some Noise serve to help bridge the funding gap and keep vital research moving forward, if not accelerating!


Through the generosity of our wonderful supporters, we have been able to fund remarkable research.  The list below represents a few of the outstanding researchers  we have supported to date.  But so far, we have only been able to provide on-going support to only a very few of them.  All of these and so many more researchers are conducting work that is vital to finding cures for childhood cancers.  Each researcher specializes in specific cancer(s), and the funds we provide to their labs are for specific studies.


We need to be able to provide sustainable support to these and many more brilliant researchers.
Researchers we have supported to date:

Dr. Garrett Brodeur, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Dr. Timothy Cripe, Cincinnatti Children's

Dr. Tom Curran, Childrens' Hospital of Philadelphia, (now at Children’s Mercy Research Institute)

Dr. Rebecca Gardener, Seattle Children's Hospital

Dr. Doug Graham, Children's Hospital of Colorado

Dr. Stephen Grupp, Childrens' Hospital of Philadelphia

Dr. Janeway, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute/Boston Children's

Dr. Paul Jedlika, Children's Hospital of Colorado

Dr. Michael Jensen, Seattle Children's Hospital

Dr. Howard Lessnick, University of Utah/Huntsman Cancer Institute

Dr. Lin, Baylor/Texas Children's Cancer Center

Dr. John Maris, Childrens' Hospital of Philadelphia

Dr. Leonid Metelitsa, Baylor/Texas Children's Cancer Center

Dr. Yael Mosse, Childrens' Hospital of Philadelphia

Dr. Charles Mullighan, St Jude Research Institute

Dr. Jesse  Ng, Childrens' Hospital of Philadelphia

Dr. Julie Park, Seattle Children's Hospital

Dr. Stephen Skapek, Children's Medical Center of Dallas

Dr. Mark Souweidan, Weill Cornell Medical College

Dr. Jeff Toretsky, Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, Georgetown