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National Angel Quilt’s Media Coverage

With deepest gratitude to these media outlets, which shared the story of the National Angel Quilt and Childhood Cancer.  Because of the good people at these TV Stations and print media outlets, we have reached as estimated 12 Million people with the story of childhood cancer.

The Quilter MagazineMake Some Noise and the National Angel Quilt” June/July 2013

ABC 7 Chicago, IL 8/31/2014

ABC/KTUL 8, Tulsa, OK: 7/30/13

NBC 2 Tulsa, OK

CBS/KCCI, Des Moines, IA: 7/19/13

ABC 13/WLOS, Asheville, NC 8/18/13

ABC/WSOC Charlotte, NC: 8/14/13

ABC Channel 33/40 Birmingham, Alabama: 8/9/13

CBS Channel 2 Birmingham, Alabama: 8/9/13

FOX 6 Birmingham, Alabama: Good Day Alabama: 8/9/13

FOX Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas: 8/3/13

NBC Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX; 8/3/13

NBC/KSHB, Kansas City: 7/27/13

CBS/KCTV5 Kansas City, 7/26/13

Fox 4 Kansas City: 7/26/13

ABC/KMBC 9, Kansas City: 7/24/13

FOX 43 Harrisburg, PA 7/10/14

NBC/King 5 Seattle, WA: 4/17/12 “New Day NW” Talk Show

NBC/King 5 Seattle, WA: 4/18/12 “Making a Difference

ABC/7 Denver, CO – 3/19/12, 3/24/12

NBC/9 Denver, CO – 3/15/12

Time Warner Cable Rochester, NY 08/10/2012

Troy Times, July 16, 2013: “Quilt honoring kids lost to cancer stops at Oakland Mall” By Terry Oparka     

FOX/WBOC Salisbury, MD 2/16/12 “Delmarva Now” Talk Show

FOX/WBOC 16 Salisbury, MD 2/17/12

YNN NEWS Rochester, NY 8/10/12

FOX 26 Houston 7/10/2015

CBS/KHOU Houston, 7/11/2015

FOX 5/HVVU Las Vegas, NV, 7/19/2015
Troy Times July 16, 2013:

“Quilt honoring kids lost to cancer stops at Oakland Mall” By Terry Oparka 

Asheville Citizen-Times, Asheville, NC: 8/17/13

Troy Times, Troy Michigan:7/16/13

Kansas City Star, KC, MO: 7/28/13

The Gainsville Times, Atlanta, GA: 3/29/13

The Gwinette Daily Post, Atlanta, GA: 3/29/13

Democrat & Chronicle Rochester, NY: 8/11/12

Salisbury News, Salisbury, MD: 6/17/10

Watch this interview with Malcolm explaining more about the National Angel Quilt:
Video produced by “Catch it in Time”