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Become a Research Champion

Become a Partner in Cure!
Kids deserve cures, and with your partnership as a Research Champion, we can keep sustainable funds heading to the labs!

The NIH budget isn't enough to fund all the brilliant research being conducted. WIthout sustainable support, labs are in danger. Researchers spend up to 75% of their time just trying to secure funding; and with federal research dollars shrinking, fewer young investigators are interested in the field.  Brilliant researchers are trying to find the cure for our children need our help to do so!  

Organizations like Make Some Noise serve an invaluable purpose in bridging the funding gap to help keep the labs open and stave off the brain drain.  The Research Champions option at Make Some Noise is is a new program, and was created out of a dire need to provide sustainable funds for researchers who face ever-daunting odds to secure funding. We partner with labs, and to do so, we need you to partner with us!

What is a Research Champion?
Make Some Noise Research Champions are partners in cures.  Champions are either individuals or corporations who provide critical and sustainable support to research labs by committing to recurring donations to Make Some Noise.  Research Champion donations only support research, and 100% goes to the labs.  

Our Research Champions are crucial partners in our quest to cure childhood cancer.  Your partnership demonstrates your commitment to help find the cures. Research Champions may make their gifts as silent partners, or can engage in our Research Champion updates and meetings.   As a Research Champion, you join an exclusive partnership with us and are offered the following opportunities:

  • Private Access to our bi-annual Research Champions Webinar, where you can hear directly from researchers, learn more about research, and participate in open discussions;
  • Exclusive invitations to the annual Champions Thank You Reception;
  • Private access to our Research Champions portal, where you will find information and updates about research you helped to support, and register for the Champion webinars and receptions; and
  • Recognition on our website, in event programs, social media and newsletters, (Champions can opt to be anonymous).

Making Donations
Your recurring Champion donations can be made directly, (cash, check or credit card), or via Employee Giving programs.  Donation payment schedules can be spread out over the year, or completed in a single installment.  Fulfillment of your Champion Commitment is calculated on your cumulative annual contribution(s).  


There are four levels of Research Champions: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

  • Platinum Champions: Annual gross commitment of $10,000 or greater for a minimum commitment of three years.
  • Gold Champions: Annual gross commitment of $5,000/year for a minimum commitment of three years.
  • Silver Champions: Annual gross commitment of $1,000/year for a minimum commitment of three years.
  • Bronze Champions: Annual gross commitment of $500/year for a minimum of three years
Research Champion Submission