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Meet The Angels

These are the children of the National Angel Quilt for Childhood Cancer.

The children here are the most inspiring angels.  They faced their battles with courage, love, humor, and compassion for others.  Each of these children brought so much to this world and impacted everyone who met them, and even those who never met them.  These children could have grown up to be doctors, teachers, athletes, musicians, scientists... but they did not get that chance.  We need to find the cures...  we must find the cures.

Please take time to scroll through the Angel's gallery to meet all these amazing kids.  They are arranged in alphabetical order by first name.  When you click on a child's image, thier bio will open for you to learn more about their story as written by their parents, (if their parents opted to included a bio).

Search alphabetically by first name.


1- if a child's image isn't displaying, and you just see a white box with their name where a photo should be, that is just a server error, try refreshing and see what happens. 

2- If you are looking for a specific child and do not see them here, either they have not yet been submitted to the quilt, or their family has not yet returned their panel to be incorporated into the quilt.