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Hosting the National Angel Quilt

Thinking about Hosting The National Angel Quilt?


For Individuals:

If you are an individual, and wish to bring the quilt to your area, please contact us to learn more about what is required.  We can't just show up... we wish we could... but it isn't that easy.  Know that eventually, we plan to get to every Angel's hometown.  Unless your town is already part of a planned summer tour, to add your town, we will need a venue, underwriting to cover the gas and hotel, and of course, volunteers to help with set-up, break-down, and staffing the quilt while it is on display.

Contact us to learn more and discuss the possibility.

For Potential Hosting Venues:

About The Quilt:
The National Angel Quilt features images, names, and ages of children who have lost their battles with cancer. These beautiful children may have lost the cancer battle, but all are the most inspiring heroes and have each earned their angel wings.  The Angel Quilt honors these angels of pediatric cancer, and we are very excited to bring Pediatric Cancer Awareness to the country in such a beautiful and meaningful way.

The quilt was designed to grow as more families hear of the quilt and add their children.  As we have lost 20,000 to 30,000 children in the past ten years, the quilt can potentially become quite impactful as it grows and tours the country.  It is our hope that the quilt will bring more attention and funding to childhood cancer research, so that one day there will be no more angels to add to the quilt. To date, the quilt has travelled 28,150 miles, displayed in 19 states, 41 venues, been visited by two governors, featured in 33 TV interviews, 2 talk shows, dozens of newspaper articles, and currently features 254 children.

We need your help in calling attention to the National Angel Quilt and the cause of Childhood Cancer.  
We hope you will consider hosting the National Angel Quilt to help us impact awareness to this most worthy cause.

Display Specifics:                                                                                                                                      :

The Quilt is manned full time by a minimum of one Make Some Noise board member, plus any local volunteers for Make Some Noise, (often parents of children on the quilt).

The quilt hangs on its own pipe and drape system, (supplied by us), and is best featured in center court.

The quilt can be displayed in nearly any configuration to fit spaces, including: straight, curved, zig-zagged, outward facing circle, or in a serpentine pattern.

The Quilt itself is 13’ tall and 54’ wide
The actual Display Dimensions are different:
--width varies from 25’ to 54’ depending on the configuration
--depth is 2’
--minimum ceiling height space required is 13.5’

Set-Up & Break-Down:
3 hour load-in and set-up time, 2 hour break-down.  Set-Up and Break Down occurs after business hours.

Other Display Components:
There are three freestanding pop-up displays, each 3’w x 8’h, a slim free-standing ipad kiosk with the Angel's biographies, and a few oversized toys to enhance the display and help draw visitors to the display.

8 ft. table and 2 chairs, (tablecloth optional as we have our own)

We have $2M in insurance coverage, and will provide a COI when we receive your sample cert.

Additional Options: 
Free Kids Crafts, or Bear Project.  Should you like either of these offerings for your patrons, we often like to incorporate free, (and completely mess free), children’s crafts from 10am-2pm on any day of the exhibit, or our wonderful “Bear to Cure” project where people can make a research donation and stuff a plush friend to either keep or donate to a child fighting cancer.

While we put out our own Media Advisories, any assistance or contacts you would like to share, would be greatly appreciated to ensure the Quilt, the Cause, and your facility all get good promotion and coverage.
News outlets typically do advance coverage, (in-studio), and also send crews to the quilt display once it opens.  Please let us know where to direct them for permission and check-in.

Some Facts About the Quilt:

-The National Angel Quilt grows: it started out 13’h x 13’w and featured just under 100 children.
-The Quilt has travelled 28,150 miles around the Continental US
-Displayed in 19 states, and the District of Columbia, in a total of, 41 venues,
-2 governors have visited the National Angel Quilt.
-Has been featured in 33 TV interviews, 2 talk shows, and dozens of newspaper articles
-An estimated 37,000 people have personally seen the Quilt.
-An estimated 12 Million people have seen news coverage about the Quilt Displays.
-Currently features 253 children, (or the equivalent of 1/10th of one year’s loss!)
-Many of the Children on the National Angel Quilt are counted in the NIH “Survival Rate” for their cancers because they survived more than 5 years from diagnosis… but they didn’t get to grow up.

Contact us to discuss the possibility of hosting the Quilt at your venue.