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Go Gold For Kids Cancer!

How Can You Help Spread Gold in September?


You can request proclamations from your City Council, State and Federal Governments.  Share with them that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and that you would like them to make a Proclamation declaring September as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  Be sure to send the news about it ot your local newspapers and ask them to cover a story about childhood cancer.  Download a sample proclamation to share with your elected officials.


Get a big supply of gold ribbons and tie them on wherever you can!  Your home, your car, your neighborhood, and even your town.  You will need to ask permission from your town to be able to put up the ribbons in your town and neighborhood. Ask merchants to show the gold too!  If you are really organized, sell gold bows as a fundraiser for kids cancer research, you will be spreading the gold and supporting research in one activity!  If you decide to hold a gold ribbon fundraiser for research, you can collect funds for Make Some Noise!


Fly our Childhood Cancer Flags at home and ask your town if they will fly them along your main street during September!  We have flags currently in our store, and will have a new edition of the flag next September!

Ask your Town to Go Gold

Ask your town to Go Gold by holding a Gold Tree Lighting Ceremony, lighting a major building with gold lights, flying gold flags on Main Street, allowing Gold Ribbons, and whatever else you can think of!  You can enlist the merchants on your main street to support your Go Gold campaign, and ask them to display awareness posters, fly flags, tie gold ribbons where they can, or hang gold wreaths on their doors.