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Itching to Make Some Noise?

Can you start a chapter?

If you are motivated and want to Make Some Noise in your area, talk to us about the possibility of starting your own chapter.  If you have been thinking you really want to do something for kids cancer, but weren't sure exactly how to do that, starting a chapter might be the thing for you.  Starting a chapter isn't hard, costs little to nothing, but it takes commitment and passion.  Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and make some noise?

What is required?

First, you need to have passion for kids cancer, and want to help make a difference.  You will need to gather some good people who are interested in being on your board.  A minimum of four people is required, and it is best if they have a variety of skill sets.  Once you have a team assembled, you will need to meet with us in person.  We will come to you to meet with you and your potential board members to discuss what it takes and how it works. If you decide to move ahead, you and your team will have a fun two-day training session to help prepare you for being successful!

What are the benefits?

  • Starting a chapter allows you to be part of an established foundation, nearly everything is already in place for you.  Make Some Noise provides you with all the templates, how-tos, graphics, best-practices, and support.  You don't have to reinvent the wheel, you can learn from our experience.  
  • You don't have to struggle with how to evaluate what research to fund, you will be part of a larger organization that already has that in place.
  • You can start your chapter in honor of or in memory of any children who have battled cancer. and share that child's name and image in your activities

What are the downsides?

  • You don't get paid.  None of us do.  We do this because we are passionate about finding the cures for kids cancer and can't imagine drawing a salary when all the money needs to  go to the labs.
  • You do have to work at it.  You can't just sit by and collect donations, you do have to put some time into it.  How much is up to you,  If you feel that you can't commit to a minimum of 20 hours/month to run a Chapter, then this may not be for you. Maybe consider a tribute page instead!
  • While we provide you with programs and how-tos, each area is different, and what works well in some areas may not work well in others.  You will need to experiment for a while to see what hits home in your area.

Interested?  Contact us to learn more.