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Millions of people across the United States became more aware!  

We reached millions of people across the country during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month this year!  Precious angel "Nicky Bear," who was stolen at age 4, lit up the skies this September from California to New York on our awareness ads.  We were able to share dozens of childhood cancer awareness ads on over 2,000 Billboards in cities across the country during September.  The ads boldly read "Childhood Cancer is a Thief" with Nicky's image and text below read: "cancer steals 2,000 children each year."

If you think you are just one person and you can't help make a difference, read on, because it's amazing just how much Noise one person can make.  Millions of people learned just a little more about childhood cancer this September because one person woke up one morning in September wanting to help.  One determined angel mom and the kindness of a number of companies made it possible for Make Some Noise to reach people across the country.  We are so grateful to Robin and all the amazing and generous companies who donated their billboards to us to help us raise awareness for kids cancer!

Thank you to the following companies: Lamar Advertising; Allison Outdoor; Oaktree Outdoor Advertising; JPOM - Jersey Premier Outdoor Media,LLC; Choice Media; Fairway Outdoor Advertising; Link Media Outdoor; Independent Outdoor III, LLC; BB Outdoor Advertising; Becker Boards; Ads in Motion Outdoor; Adams Outdoor; 5 Star Outdoor LLC; Vital Outdoor; and Fairway Outdoor. You guys are amazing!!