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Print & Plaster Campaign

Order Your Posters Today!

Help spread awareness in your community with awareness posters for Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month! To raise awareness for Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month this September, we have launched our "Print & Plaster" Campaign. If you would like to help plaster the country with awareness for kids cancer this September, order our awareness poster and plaster it in your community.

ORDER YOUR POSTERS TODAY and be ready to plaster them for September! Email or call the printers at or call (801) 491-6931 (Janet or Dan) and ask for the kids cancer poster. Minimum order of 50 posters, please.


  • 50 for $28 
  • 100 for $42
  • 150 for $63
  • 200 for $84

For orders of 100 or more, they waive the shipping charges, and ship them to you for free.

Chose from one of two posters: