SUPERMAN - that is what we called Ricky. "You can't hurt steel" was something he liked to say.Ricky loved dinosaurs, building blocks, cars, balls, movies, his puppies, his cats & especially, his sister Erin. They were the best of friends. Ricky had a smile that would light up a room & a zest for life that was contagious.

On April 1, 2007 at 22 months old, Ricky was extremely constipated. This had gone on for several days so I took him to our local children's hospital & within hours our lives changed forever. Ricky had a 5.1cm tumor blocking his rectum. He had cancer. Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma to be exact, and the odds were against him. But Ricky never did what was expected. He endured 52 weeks of chemo, 28 days of radiation & beat the beast. Then on 5/20/2008 we learned that his cancer had returned. Another 52 weeks of chemo, and this time surgery to remove his bladder & prostate. Ricky had a urostomy. But that never slowed Ricky down. Ricky never stopped living & never felt "dierent". On March 1, 2009 we again celebrated a second victory against the beast.

Ricky started Pre-K, made friends & was a typical boy. Our celebration was short lived. At Ricky's scheduled 6 months scans we learned the beast was back, in his lungs & this time our options were limited. On October 2, 2009 Ricky again began chemo. He continued to go to school. We adopted a motto "live, love, laugh & make memories" and that we did. In May 2010 Ricky was admitted to the hospital for the last time. The cancer had taken over his lungs. He was in respiratory & heart failure. His kidneys were now failing. On May 17th, 2010 we brought Ricky home on hospice. He continued to entertain his friends & family, play with his sister & make us proud. On May 23rd Ricky took his last breath in my arms, with his father & sister by our sides. He is now an angel - cancerfree & forever 4 (Ricky earned his angel wings just 8 days before his 5th birthday)

Ricky was an amazing child. He never asked "why me," he never fought the treatments. He never gave up. Ricky lived life to its fullest. Hearing the Barney song "I love you" will always bring a smile & tear - for anytime that song was on you could here Ricky yell "HUG" from whatever room he was in & he would rush to nd me for a hug. He was an old soul with a youthful innocence & a zest for life. We miss him but know that he is watching over us. His sister reminds that he is forever in our hearts. We continue to honor Ricky by living, loving, laughing & making memories.

We love you forever Ricky. We miss you & know that someday we will be together again. You will always be our Superman.

Love, Mommy (Shelli), Daddy (Rick) & your baby (aka Erin, sister)