The youngest of two girls, Kortney was a feisty happy girl, with a winning smile and contagious laugh. She loved playing with friends and animals, (stuffed or real), and enjoyed school. Kortney loved basketball and played soccer, but her biggest thrills were at amusement parks and water slides. She was a daredevil with little fear and a spitfire who knew how to get her way. She was in third grade in December 2005, when she began to complain that her head hurt. Not long after, her mother noticed that her left eye was crossed. They went to the eye doctor that day and were told they suspected "sixth nerve palsy," and an MRI was ordered. In January 2006, Kortney was diagnosed with a Brain Stem Glioma, an inoperable brain tumor, and given an approximation of two years to live. Beginning in January 2006, Radiation and Iressa were administered to "buy" her some time, and she continued going to school. By March, an MRI showed the tumor had shrunkenóbut would re-grow within 6-9 months. Kortney's family decided that for the remaining months, they would live life like there was no tomorrow. They booked trips to Atlantis, a Disney Cruise through Make-A-Wish, and joined a beach club. On the eve of their trip to Atlantis, (and just two weeks after her March MRI), Kortney was the first one to pack her bags, but woke up screaming in pain on the morning of April 6th. She was transported to the medical Center, then medi-vaced by helicopter to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. A new MRI showed the tumor had spread. It had grown throughout her brain and down her spinal column. For 21 days, her parents sat and slept bedside Kortney until April 27th 2006, when she stretched her angel wings and flew away.

Learn more about Kortney at: http://www.thekortneyrosefoundation.org/about-kortney.shtml