Caleb wanted to be a Super Hero. His biggest Idol was Spider Man; and one of his favorite lines was "with great power comes great responsibility." Caleb was three when he began complaining of leg and arm pain in August of 2007. Although there was no visible fracture on the x-ray, Caleb was put in casts on his right arm and right leg. A few days later, his left leg hurt. Finally, blood work was ordered, and he was diagnosed with Hypodiploid ALL. This sub-type of Leukemia is high risk, and has a survival rate of only 15% to 20%. Caleb was immediately placed on a protocol that included a Bone Marrow Transplant, Total Body Radiation, and numerous Chemotherapy treatments. He received his transplant at Duke University in November of 2007. Caleb and his family had to relocate to Durham, NC for over 4 months to receive his treatment. Caleb relapsed on March 10, 2008, just 4 days after returning home to Florida from Durham, NC. There is no protocol for a patient who has relapsed so close to a Bone Marrow Transplant. His family had to place their three year old son on Hospice, and pray for a miracle. They helped Caleb enjoy his remaining time as best he could. He played on his swing most of the time—telling his parent's "I'll be okay." Caleb had about 15 good days from the time of relapse.

Caleb was indeed a Super Hero when he managed to breathe on his own after a breathing tube had been inserted for a sedated MRI on March 27th. Doctors had said he would not be able to breathe on his own once the tube was pulled… but he did! It enabled his parents to take him home and have their final moments with their son. Caleb's dad got close to him and said "I love you, Baby" Caleb opened his eyes, looked at him and whispered "yuv you". These were his last words. Caleb's mother laid by his side the rest of the night, until he took his last breath at 4:30 am on March 28, 2008-- just 11 short days after his 4th birthday.


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