Tyler was an active 6-year-old honor student, who loved the outdoors. He started to complain about pain below his knee. After many x-rays, scans, blood tests, a needle biopsy and an open biopsy, Tyler was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma in his right Tibia, on October 26, 2006. Over the next year, he underwent a total of 14 rounds of in-patient chemotherapy, 15 blood transfusions, and reconstruction (limb-salvage) surgery. He was confined to a wheelchair for over 5 months, and after rigorous physical therapy, he began to learn to walk again. Tyler has been in remission since October 19, 2007, and for the most part, he can run and play like most children his age. He does have some restrictions and he cannot participate in contact sports, but he has taken up golf and loves swimming!

*Ewing's Sarcoma is a highly aggressive and malignant form of pediatric bone cancer, which can be found in both bone and soft tissue. Ewing's is caused by a genetic accident, which occurs when two chromosomes transpose at the time of fetal development. The recurrence rate for Ewing's is 50%, and has no known cure for recurrence.