Brandon was an active 19-year-old, who was an avid football player, snowboarder, surfer, and student. He was looking forward to summer fun in May of 2007, when he began having pain in his leg. He thought it was a bruised bone. It worsened, walking was painful, and his leg was warm and sore to the touch. A visit to a doctor left him with the diagnoses of a stress fracture and edema of the bone. He was not diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma* until three months later, in November of 2007. By this point, the cancer was in his tibia and had metastasized to his lungs. Being high-risk, he was accepted into a clinical trial that would be completed after the end of his chemotherapy protocol. For the next year, he underwent chemotherapy, limb salvage surgery, and unnumbered amount of hospitalizations, and all while being bedridden due to the fragility of the leg. On July 26th 2008, he finished treatment, and was officially in remission. He continued through nine months of physical therapy to regain use of his leg, but suffered a break in his internal prostheses from a recalled part. Brandon then had two surgeries in the attempt to repair and salvage his leg. In July 2009, he opted to have the leg removed, and had an above the knee amputation. Brandon received his prosthetic leg in October 2009, and has worked hard in PT to adjust to using it. He began college in August 2009, and is transferring to Vanderbilt University for the fall of 2010 to study Biochemistry and Biomedical engineering. Brandon hopes to do cancer research and design prosthetic limbs. Brandon enjoys snowboarding, surfing, and basketball. He embraces life with zeal, and knows to treasure every moment. He looks forward to Vanderbilt!

*Ewing's Sarcoma is a highly aggressive and malignant form of pediatric bone cancer, which can be found in both bone and soft tissue. Ewing's is caused by a genetic accident, which occurs when two chromosomes transpose at the time of fetal development. The recurrence rate for Ewing's is 50%, and has no known cure for recurrence.