Trey was an outgoing, funny, and loving 2-year-old boy. One day, while he was playing outside, he developed a mysterious black eye. When it did not improve over the next several days, his mom took him to the doctor. It was determined to be a cancerous tumor behind his eye. On July 10, 2008 Trey was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma*, Stage IV. The cancer had started in his left adrenal gland, which had metastasized to a small tumor behind his right eye, a tumor in his abdomen, and found in his bone marrow. Trey had many rounds of chemotherapy, blood transfusions, radiation, and stem cell transplants. After a year of hospital stays and life threatening complications, he was declared NED, (No Evidence of Disease) in the summer of 2009. Trey is now four years old, takes karate, loves to run around outside, loves baseball, (especially the Phillies), and got his first bike last summer! He relapsed in March 2010 with metastatic Neuroblastoma in his brain. He had surgery to remove the tumor, and will begin radiation in April.

*Neuroblastoma, (NB), is a cancer of the sympathetic nervous system, a nerve network that carries messages from the brain. NB is a solid, malignant tumor that is found in the abdomen or around the spinal cord in the chest, neck, or pelvis. Typically, by the time of diagnosis, multiple tumors will be found. There is no known cure for NB, and recurrence rates are about 50%.