The youngest of three boys, Malcolm was an active 10-year-old high honor student, who played travel soccer, loved to hike, ski, and ride horses. After pain in his hip sidelined him in soccer one fall, he was treated for a broken growth plate on his hip for a few months, but finally diagnosed with Pelvic Ewing's Sarcoma* at the age of ten. He received his treatments at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, and over the next ten months, he underwent a total of 19 hospital admissions, 14 rounds of in-patient chemotherapy, 15 blood transfusions, and surgery to remove his hip. While his scans continue to light up, his doctors feel that these are caused by post surgical changes, and are comfortable saying that he is currently in remission. He continues to be routinely scanned, and has physical therapy twice a week. Malcolm suffered a femur fracture at the end of treatment, and has permanent complications from this fracture, but remains undaunted. He has nicknamed himself "Mr. One Hip," is back at school, enjoys his friends, plays xBox, continues to raise research funding and awareness for pediatric cancer, (as the founder of Make Some Noise), serves on the Youth Advisory Council at CHOP, and hopes to become a surgeon. His cancer has a 10 year remission period, so he looks forward to the day when he is 21 and can call himself a "survivor."

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* Pelvic Ewing's is a sub-type of Ewing's Sarcoma, and has a 50% survival rate. Ewing's Sarcoma is a highly aggressive and malignant form of pediatric bone cancer, which can be found in both bone and soft tissue. Ewing's is caused by a genetic accident, which occurs when two chromosomes transpose at the time of fetal development. The recurrence rate for Ewing's is 50%, and has no known cure for recurrence.