Brittne was a vibrant 18-year-old girl, living in Katy, Texas. She loved music, animals, and chocolate. Brittne had been experiencing back pain, which she thought was related to a car accident she had a few years earlier. But on June 30, 2008, her legs became very weak and she couldn't walk. On July 1st Brittne had an x-ray that revealed a tumor on her spine, and on July 3rd, less than a year after Brittne had lost her mother to throat cancer, a biopsy confirmed that Brittne had Ewings Sarcoma. Over the next year, Brittne had spinal reconstructive surgery and 28 rounds of chemotherapy. As of July 2010, Brittne's scans were clear. Brittne is currently working on the staff at the Medical Colleagues of Texas and is doing great. She is active in fund raising efforts to increase awareness about sarcoma and is an inspiration to many!

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* Ewing's Sarcoma is a highly aggressive and malignant form of pediatric bone cancer, which can be found in both bone and soft tissue. Ewing's is caused by a genetic accident, which occurs when two chromosomes transpose at the time of fetal development. The recurrence rate for Ewing's is 50%, and has no known cure for recurrence.