At Santa's house, in December 2007, the children were standing in line talking about what they were going to ask Santa to bring. Eden's mom asked 7-year-old Eden what she was going to request. Eden said that she really didn't need any toys, clothes, or things. Her mother could see the wheels turning in Eden's mind. Santa stayed in touch with Eden's family after this visit, and brought this letter to them on the day of her funeral in late December 2008: "I am writing this letter about an angel who affected my life forever. This little girl climbed up on my lap and I asked her name. She said her name was Eden. I asked her how old she was, and she said she was 7 years old. I asked her what she wanted for Christmas. She looked up into my eyes and said, "Santa, I would like for you to help cure my cancer." Right then the tears began to flow. All I could say or do was to hold her tight and cry and pray. I have prayed for her each night before I went to sleep that she might be cured and she would be pain free. On December 29, 2008, my prayers were answered, not the way I was hoping for, but they were answered. God took her home with him. Now she is cured and pain free. As I am writing this, I know she is one of God's newest angels. I know she loved Santa, so I also know I have a new guardian angel. Two minutes on my lap and I have been changed forever. I will cherish this memory forever and ever. Thank you for being a very special part of my life. With all my love, SANTA. P.S. If this had been hand written, the paper would be tear stained."

Eden fought a brave battle against Neuroblastoma, beginning in kindergarten. She managed to beat it once, but relapsed, and passed away at age 8, in her home, surrounded by her loving family. In Eden's short life, she touched many people with her smile and dimples. Eden had a strength and wisdom far beyond her young years.


*Neuroblastoma, (NB), is a cancer of the sympathetic nervous system, a nerve network that carries messages from the brain. NB is a solid, malignant tumor that is found in the abdomen or around the spinal cord in the chest, neck, or pelvis. Typically, by the time of diagnosis, multiple tumors will be found. There is no known cure for NB, and recurrence rates are about 50%.