Ian Murphy was 2 years old when he developed a fever and a bad cough. After his pediatrician examined him, his parents took him to The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia where an x-ray revealed a "shadow" behind his heart. The shadow turned out to be a tumor in his chest. On April 6, 2007, Ian was diagnosed with Stage 3 Ganglioneuroblastoma*, a rare type of cancer of the sympathetic nervous system. Ian had a chemotherapy, and then surgery on June 6th 2007 to remove the tumor. As of 2010, all of Ian's tests have come back clear. He is currently living the normal life of a healthy, happy 5-year-old boy. He has a younger brother, Ben, and a younger sister, Hannah.


*Ganglioneuroblastoma is a rare, cancerous, intermediate tumor arising from the nerve tissue. An intermediate tumor is one that is between benign and malignant.