Thank you to KCTV5 for the great coverage of the quilt at Union Station in Kansas City!
We left Kansas City today in the pouring rain.  But not until we had stopped for a late lunch at Oklahoma Joe’s for some awesome BBQ!  Oklahoma Joe’s has won about every BBQ contest there is.  I got a Z-Man sandwich, and I know that my brothers would have loved it.

IMG_6726 IMG_6727

Yes, Oklahoma Joes IS in a gas station.
We hit the road and couldn’t believe it was 71 and raining.  Sometimes it was pouring, which made the drive to Tulsa a little longer.  We made it to the Oklahoma state line before dark.

When we got to Oklahoma, there were highway signs that read “DO NOT DRIVE INTO SMOKE.”  I am trying to figure that one out.  Everything was pretty green and it was mainly farmland, so I am not sure what about Oklahoma would be on fire and cause smoke to choke the roadways.  There certainly wasn’t any risk of fire today with the rain that was coming down.  We saw cows, cornfields, lots of haybales, and then we started seeing horses too.  I used to ride, before the bone cancer in my hip.
We got to Tulsa and then to the Woodland Hills Mall a little after 9 pm.  We have to set-up in malls after hours, so we arrived at nine when they closed.  Woodland Hills is a nice mall, and the location for the quilt is really quite excellent.  I am happy with the space.  We set up in a concave space, and this was the first time mom and I did a six pole configuration on our own.  We are really good at a three pole set-up on our own, but we hadn’t done six poles by ourselves before. Because it was just the two of us with six poles, six bases, six sandbags, and five cross pieces, it took a while to get set up but we did fine and it worked out well for the space.  We left the mall around 12:30am and checked into a hotel and got to our room just before 1am.  Poor mom got drenched in the rain three times today so I think she’ll be buying an umbrella tomorrow.

COME SEE US AT WOOLAND HILLS MALL in Tulsa.  Tuesday, July 30 & Wednesday, July 31
Then we’re off to Texas!


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  1. Jami Watters

    Yay!! So excited you made it to Oklahoma. We will be traveling in from OKC tomorrow evening to see our Lil angel Jamison :). We can’t wait to finally meet you all. See you soon.

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