Tulsa – Day 1 & 2

IMG_6731 IMG_6733KTUL Channel 8, (ABC) came to cover the story Tuesday morning.  The link doesn’t have the interview, but the story is here: http://www.ktul.com/story/22968738/angel-quilt-in-tulsa-teen-cancer-survivor-speaks-about-battle  Thank you to KTUL for getting the word out.
Robbie Tidmore’s sister Nicole poses with his panel.  Nicole is the person who brought the quilt to Tulsa, because she found a venue for us as we were passing through from Kansas City to Dallas.  The Woodland Hills Mall was a great space.  Thank you to Nicole, and to Jodi Koch, Marketing Director at Woodland Hills Mall for hosting the National Angel Quilt!IMG_6736
Tulsa’s NBC Channel 2 Reporter Patricia Santos covered the Quilt Live from Woodland Hills Mall today, (Wednesday, July 31), and did a great job getting the word out about childhood cancer.  Many people came to see the quilt today because of her great coverage.  Thank you Patricia and NBC.  Here is her broadcast:

NBC ran the story a few times today, and it clearly had impact.  People came in to see the quilt.  The first visit was from a Make-A-Wish granter and Wish-Child, who were on a shopping spree for his Make-A-Wish.   The Wish-granter had seen the broadcast and made a point to come see us.  Mom was out on an errand, and she is the camera happy one of us, so I don’t have a photo.  If anyone is wondering if I had a Make-A-Wish, yes, I did.  I had been trying to figure out what the best thing I could ask for would be, and since I was pretty much unable to walk for about a year I wasn’t in too much of a rush to find the perfect wish to ask for.  When I got my corporate offices, (when I was 12), they really needed to be fixed up.  I knew I needed to make a good impression to be taken seriously when people came to the Make Some Noise: Cure Kids Cancer Foundation offices, so I asked Make-A-Wish if they would grant a wish to help fix up the offices.  They couldn’t do the whole space, but they did help in my office.
I was really surprised today when an incredible young girl named Jordan showed up with her dad and siblings. Her dad told us that Jordan saw the broadcast, and when her dad got home today, she insited he bring her to the mall.  She told him she needed to go to the mall to meet me and see the quilt.  Her dad is a good man for listening to her.  Thank you for going out of your way for kids cancer!  Thank you to Jordan for caring!  Jordan is in the center of the photo below.


Jake, Jordan, and Jenna came to see the quilt because Jordan saw the news cast and told her dad that he needed to take her to the mall to meet me.


Jamison Watters’ brother, sister, and cousins came to see the quilt today.


The Watters Family visited the quilt to see Jamison’s panel.


Robbie Tidmore’s niece and nephew came to see the quilt and posed for a photo with their uncle Robbie, whom they never had the chance to meet.


Tevin Humphrey stopped by the quilt with his grandmother and built a tower that he says represents the strength of all the cancer warriors out there!


Jamison Watters’ mom, dad, brother, and sister pose with Jamison’s panel.

IMG_6737 IMG_6738 IMG_6739 IMG_6741 IMG_6746 IMG_6747 IMG_6748 IMG_6752

Thank you Tulsa!  Thanks to Nicole Griffin, Jodi Koch, the Watters family, Channel 8, Channel 2, and all the good people of Tulsa for taking time to hear about childhood cancer.
We broke down the display after the mall closed tonight, got a late dinner, and headed to the hotel.  Off to Texas tomorrow.