Troy Day 2- Oakland Mall

Bryce's grandfather

Bryce’s grandfather

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I was feeling more human on Saturday, having had a little more rest.  Saturday brought lots of visitors to the mall, and I was really surprised at how interested people were to find out more about the quilt and the cause.  They seemed to go out of their way to learn more.  We had visits from Angel Bryce’s gandfather, and Angel Dayne’s cousin, parents, and siblings.  It was great meeting everyone.  Thank you all for coming by!

Surprise #1: A man came by and handed me a $50 bill as a donation to research.
Surprise #2: Another man bought $18 worth of wristbands and gave me $120 for it, ($102 donation to research!).  He sent his son back over later to get more information about Make Some Noise.  Thank you for your support and interest!

Funniest person in the Mall: There is a foreign elderly man who comes to the mall every day and tries to make everyone happy with funny riddles or jokes.  Its a little hard to understand him, but you can’t help but smile.