Side Trip


In Seattle Tuesday, August 6th. I hitched a ride with my friend Carol back to the hotel after the all-day meeting.

Eventhough it was bad timing with the Summer Tour, we had to take a side trip to Seattle for some unrealted business.  Mom and I left for Seattle, (via Houston), early Monday morning.  The Wades were really nice and volunteered to let us leave the car and trailer in their driveway while we went to Seattle.  We would fly back to Dallas to get the trailer and head off to the next venue in Birmingham, Alabama.  So we headed out around 8 am Monday, and went to the Wades to drop the trailer.  Mr. Wade ran us to the airport.  We learned that there is more than one airport in Dallas/Ft. Worth, and unfortunately went to the wrong one.  We made it to the right airport in time, but they closed the plane doors early and wouldn’t let us on the flight to Houston, so we had to sit around Dallas Love airport for another flight to Houston.  We finally got to Seattle and checked into a hotel around 7pm.  My dad flew in from NJ via meetings that day in Portland, Oregon, and got the the hotel a little after mom and I did.  We went to Etta’s for a late dinner of salmon and chowder.  Etta’s is near Pike Place Market and has incredible food: .  I really reccomend it.  It is one of Tom Douglas’ gazillion restaurants in Seattle.  I haven’t been to all of them yet, but I intend to!  I had the Rub with Love Salmon, and they don’t just rub and grill, it is smoked too, and gives it a really great taste.  When you get salmon in the paciifc northwest, you never want to eat any other salmon.
On Tuesday, we had a long meeting at an office in the Washington State Convention Center.  It was funny being there since we displayed the quilt in the WA Convention Center in April 2012.  So, we knew the building pretty well.  We were in a meeting from 9 am until 7pm, and then went for some salmon, again, this time at Art.  They have the most incredible mashed potatoes, they have dungeoness crab in them and call them “crab mash.”  Luckily I didn’t finish my salmon and crab mash and got it boxed up to eat on the plane back to Texas the next day.
We met my uncle around 10:30pm for a ride on the ferris wheel on the waterfront of Puget Sound.  It is a mini version of London’s Eye.  I rode on it last year around sunset and it is a great sight to watch the sun set behind the olympics from the ferris wheel while the ferries run back and forth to Bainbridge Island.
Mom and I had to catch a morning flight back to Dallas on Wednesday, so we said good bye to Seattle.  Wednesday, we headed to Sea-Tack in the morning and flew to Houston.  We had a two hour lay-over there and when we went to the gate to catch our flight to Dallas, we learned that our flight was cancelled.  Luckily we went to the United Lounge and they were able to get us on another flight to Dallas tonight.  We arrived after 10pm.
Mr. Wade picked us up from the airport and took us back to their house to get our car and trailer.  What a surprise, they had washed the car and trailer, and stocked up the cooler with drinks!  They had also picked up some other supplies for the quilt and trailer.  Wow, thank you Wades!
We got back to the hotel around midnight, did some laundry, and have to leave Dallas tomorrow morning to drive all day to Birmingham, Alabama to set up the quilt in Riverchase Galleria.