On to Kansas City!

We spent Monday catching up on emails, and getting as much foundation business done as we could to not get too behind while we are on the road.  Like a number of other parts of the country, a crazy weather front rolled through Des Moines in the evening and cleared out the heat.  I don’t think I have ever seen so many lightening strikes in one storm before. I was very glad to see  the temperature go down.  Today, (Tuesday, July 23), we scrambled to get a bunch of work done before we hit the road for Kansas City.
Once on the road, we stopped by one of the Bridges of Madison County.  We didn’t have time to cover all the bridges, and we knew the trailer would be a problem.  We passed Jesse James birthplace, but I didn’t see much reason to pay homage to the spawning ground of an outlaw and murderer so we kept driving, but mainly it was because we we on a tight schedule.  Iowa seemed to get hillier as we got closer to Missouri.  Missouri seemed to turn from cornfields to hay bales as we crossed the state line.  I keep being surprised at how nice people are.  Back home in NJ, clerks at truck stops don’t ask how you are doing, or offer friendly advice and a smile; they just grunt the price of your item at you.  But in NJ, we don’t pump our own gas, so there is that.  Not sure why it is illegal to pump your own gas in NJ, but we like that law.  We crossed the state line into Missouri, and headed to Kansas City.

We got to Kansas City, checked into a hotel, and went over the the pubic Library at 9pm to set up the Quilt.  Thank you very much to Jerry Houchins of the Kansas City Public Library for meeting us afer hours and helping us load in!  We set up and are ready for Kansas City!


Come see us at the Plaza branch of the KC Public Library, Wednesday and Thursday from 9am -9pm, and then we move to Union Station for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Hours there at Union Station are 6am – midnight, but I will probably only be there 9:30am – 9:30pm. we are looking forward to two great locations in Kansas City!