North Carolina

We wanted to get in some sightseeing in the Carolinas.  Mom used ot live in Charleston, so that would have been one option, but the A/C needed to get fixed and the Toyota Dealer in Birmingham couldn’t get the parts until Tuesday morning.  So we were layed over in Birmingham for repairs.  It turned out that the car needed the A/C, brakes, and power steering all fixed.  We hadn’t had a single day off for weeks, so we took Monday off and I caught up on some movies.  Mom ran errands on foot and took care of a bunch of emails that have been piling up.  She gets over a hundred emails a day.
In the late afternoon, we actually went to the pool for a little while and mom swam some laps.  That was about it for our summer vacation.  The car was finally ready on Tuesday afternoon.   Once we had picked up the car, checked out of the hotel and hooked up the trailer, it was nearly 5pm.  We hit the road for Charlotte because i had an interview at 9am in the morning at Charlotte’s Channel 9, (ABC),   We drove through Alabama, Georgia,  South Carolina, and into North Carolina, arriving in Charlotte around 2:30am.
I had an interview with Tenikka Smith on Charlotte’s Channel 9,(WSOC/ABC), at 9am on Wednesday.  Here is Tenikka’s piece:

Thank you to Tenikka, and WSOC for covering the story of childhood cancer, the National Angel Quilt, and the local Charlotte area kids who are on the quilt!
IMG_6850 IMG_6849 IMG_6848

We’ll set-up the quilt on Thursday at the Asheville Mall in Asheville, NC.  We’ll be there August 16-18, so come see us there!

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