Kansas City- Day 5

We had a great day on Sunday.  The morning was very slow in Union Station, but it picked up after lunchtime.  We had a visit from the Kansas City Star, the local newspaper.  A photographer came out to get photos of the quilt.  We enjoyed help from a lot of volunteers today, and visits from people who had seen us on the news, among them the Myrick family who saw us on the news and drove in from Ft. Levenworth, Kansas to come see the quilt.  Their son Logan has battled a brain tumor.  Great to meet you guys!


Logan Myrick- brain tumor warrior!

Chandler’s grandparents, parents, brother, and uncle came to visit and volunteer.  Chandler’s mom brought me the best mac-cheese I have ever had.  Thanks Mrs. N!  Chrystal Mackey is a cancer mom in KC who came out to help staff the quilt display, her daughter Madison is fighting leukemia.


Chandler’s awesome family on Sunday at Union Station, KC.

Because of all the help, I got to take a break and go see the Pirates exhibit, and learned some interesting things about the Whydah, a pirate ship that sank off the coast of Cape Cod in 1717 during a nor’easter and has been salvaged.  They are still searching for more of the ship and its treasure cargo, which is spread out over a large area of the ocean floor.  The cargo was the booty from 50 ship raids.  Because of the sandy floor where she sank during the storm, the conditions kept the artifacts and treasure in good condition despite being on the sea floor for 300 years.   I live in a house that is nearly 300 years old and I come from a boating family, so seeing the artifacts was pretty familiar to me.  It was still interesting though.


Taking a break to go see the “Real Pirates” exhibition in Union Station.

Later in the day, I finally got the opportunity to meet Kori Quinn.  Kori, her mom and grandmother came out to help break down the display.  Kori is special to me because she and I were diagnosed the same week with the same cancer, and she has been fighting Ewing’s Sarcoma pretty much ever since.  We have followed each other since the begining, but we have never met because of distance. She inspires me, so I was glad to finally have a chance to meet in person after all these years.  Last year I asked my class to write letters to her, because I really wanted to let her know there are a lot of people routing for her.  She is a remarkable person.


With help from the Newtons and Quinns, we broke down around 7:30pm and had the trailer loaded by 9:30pm.  We wanted to get BBQ, but it was too late, so the eight of us went to P.F. Chang’s in KC and had a late dinner.  It was a great dinner talking and relaxing.
Tomorrow, we check out of the hotel after getting as much work done as possible and head off to Tulsa.  There are so many people to thank on Kansas City, we are grateful to everyone who helped!

IMG_6722photo2 photo photo5


10 pm Dinner at PF Changs in KC with the Newton and Quinn families!