Kansas City- Day 4


Today started out well, because we had help!  Thank you to Mrs. Newton, her parents, and Bette Marcus for helping today.  NBC’s KC affilliate, 41 Action News/KSHBTV sent a reporter out to cover the story this morning.  Journalist Fernando Ochoa came out and covered the story for 41 Action News.  Here is the link to his piece: http://www.kshb.com/dpp/news/local_news/angel-quilt-makes-stop-at-union-station-raises-money-for-pediatric-cancer-research  Thank you to 41 Action News/NBC for helping to make some noise for kids cancer.

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Chandler Newton had lots of visitors today!  His parents, two sets of grandparents, friends, and one of his nurses came to visit his panel on the quilt.

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These beautiful children, all dressed in yellow and playing with our legos, recently lost their daddy to a brain tumor.
I was toast.  We haven’t had much if any time to rest, so mom dropped me back at the hotel later in the afternoon and covered the quilt by herself tonight so I could get a break.  I did my laundry in the hotel’s basement, and had it done by the time she got back to get us dinner around 9:30 pm.
Tomorrow, one of our volunteers is someone special I am looking forward to meeting in person.  Her name is Kori Quinn, and she and I were dignosed the same week with the same cancer.  Kori and i have followed each other’s stories but we have never met.  She also has a foundation; it is called i-rock: http://i-rokfoundation.org/Home_Page.php