Kansas City- Day 3

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Union Station, Kansas City.  We received a call in the morning while still at the hotel, it was KCTV5 News and they wanted to interview me at the quilt for the morning show.  We were not set up yet at Union Station because they needed us to set up in the morning.  So we scrambled, I grabbed my tie and blazer and we got to Union Station as fast as we could to get the quilt set up in time.  We found the building, in the pouring rain and hoped there would be an overhang so we would not get drenched while unloading the trailer.  Luckily, we discovered that the loading dock had a roof over it.  We had help from Mike, who helped us get through loading bays, freight elevators and showed us where to set up.  The news team was already there, and they interviewed me while we set up– they were great.  Mom ran to move the trailer and missed it when another news team came from Channel 4 to cover the quilt and interview me.  So there are no photos of either Channel 5 or Channel 4, but trust me, they covered the National Angel Quilt!  Thank you! I haven’t found any links though, so can’t share the coverage.
Union Station is a great building.  It opened in 1914, closed in 1985, but was reopend in 1999 as a home to museums and attractions.  It is now an operational train station again with Amtrak.  There are couple of restaurants that have great food, and a lot of attractions and exhibits.  Right now the special attraction is the National Geographic “Real Pirates”  exhibit that contains treasure from the only salvaged pirate ship wreck in history.  I haven’t been to it yet, but hope to see it tomorrow or Monday.  Chandler’s mom told us about the Kansas City massacre that took place here in 1933.  Bullet holes are still in the building’s facade.  Here is the FBI’s account: http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/history/famous-cases/kansas-city-massacre-pretty-boy-floyd