And we’re back!


We arrive home Monday night, after stopping in Baltimore to pick-up my oldest brother from John’s Hopkins so we could see him for a week before he goes back down to school.  We are busy getting my middle brother packed up for his freshman year of college because he moves into his dorm today.  I still have summer reading to finish, but I have time before my school starts.  Pre-Season starts for soccer.  I can’t play sports anymore because of my cancer, so I manage teams at my school, (Delbarton).


3,983 miles travelled with the quilt, (8,091 miles travelled this summer– including my trip to Seattle)
176 hours manning the Quilt display.
48 hours setting up and breaking down the quilt.
3 Newspaper Interviews
14 TV Interviews
Estimated 3.2M people reached with news coverage.
Estimated 6,000 people saw the quilt in person.

Later this week, I will post a full listing of all media coverage, and the mile long list of people I need to thank for helping to make the 2013 Summer Tour with the National Angel Quilt a success.  So look for that later this week.
This was my first year trying out a summer tour.  I plan to do a tour every summer, until the cures are found!  For now, it is back to school, back to business at the foundation getting fundraisers lined up so we can fund cure research, (and stop the quilt from growing), and I will probably be on tour a little with my book that is coming out this fall.  The quilt will probably get to one place per month during the school year. Between school, managing sports teams, debate, foundation business, and the book, I can’t fit in more than that during the school year.  Though I wish I could.

One thought on “HOME!

  1. Donna Eaton

    I was so moved to see the quilt in Asheville, NC. My nephew Trey is honored on your quilt. You and your mom are such amazing people. It was my pleasure to meet you both. I will watch for your plans for next year. Would love to see you and the quilt every year.
    Donna Eaton

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