Ft. Worth – Day 3

Sunday was just as hot as all the days before. I was getting really tired from working all day every day, seven days a week while we’ve been on tour, so mom let me stay at the hotel on Sunday until break-down.


Alexis’ aunt & cousin


Alexis’ aunt and dad


Friends of Beaux– and turns out their daughter babysits Angel Amie Cataldie’s niece and nephew.

IMG_6799 IMG_6805 IMG_6806 IMG_6807 IMG_6808


The awesome break-down crew in Ft. Worth: Jeff and Emily Wade, Jon Shaw, Amy and George Raub, and Renae and Rich Borel helped break-down in the heat and humidity. Awesome work guys! Thank you very much.

Afterwards, we went to have Tex-Mex with the Wades, Raubs, and Jon Shaw. Mom and Mrs. Wade drank about two gallons of iced tea. It was THAT hot.
We got back to the hotel later that night and had to pack to leave for an early morning flight to Seattle.
Thank you to Hulen Mall, to all the families who dropped everything to come help, and to all the folks of Ft. Worth who came by and learned more about kids cancer.  Thank you all very much.