Des Moines- Day 1

Friday, July 19, at Vally West Mall.  This mall is pretty nice with a waterfall by the elevator in center court, carpeting, and a I particularly liked the candy store with tons of retro candy and sodas.  I am a big rootbeer fan and took the opportunity to try a few brands I had never seen before.  Friday was a good day at the mall with the quilt.  People were very kind and supportive.

We met new friends on Friday.  Pictured above are Erin and Taylor Nall.  Taylor is a survivor of a childhood brain tumor when she was two-years old.  It was great to meet a survivor!
KCCI came by to cover the quilt for the Friday evening news.  I didn’t get a chance to see it, but I hear they did make sure to share Austin and Maddeson with viewers. Thank you to KCCI for covering the story of chilhood cancer and remembering Austin and Maddeson to their community.

Img_6627 Img_6628
I really like it when visitors take time to read as many quilt panels as possible and get to know a little about each child.  We plan to get a display of some kind to house a tablet with more photos, information, and video of all the kids on the quilt so people can see more of each kid on the National Angel Quilt.

A surprise visitor stopped by wearing his Make Some Noise shirt and bearing gifts of chocolate!  Thank you Jim, it was great to meet you, and I really appreciate your support, and the chocolate!

Img_6630 Img_6636 Img_6637 Img_6638

Austin DeHaai’s family came by for a visit on Friday evening.  His brothers never had the chance to meet him in person.  They will only know him through photos and stories, but he will always be their brother.

After  the mall closed and we packed up for the night, we headed into downtown Des Moines around 10pm to grab a bite at Zombie Burger.  OK, so you have to go here.  It is amazing even if you aren’t a zombie fan.  The chef makes delicious and interesting combinations of food.  There are some fresh ideas, (or fetid if you prefer to go with the whole rotting flesh thing), just look at the menu for some cool twists and amazing milkshakes:  Click on “Menu”
I got a Trailer Trash Zombie Burger and a Tallahassee Shake.  The Tallahassee shake has twinkie in it and it is a nod to Woody Harrelson’s character in Zombieland.  There were a ton of flavors in the Tallahassee, it was memorable.  I will be back for more zombie burgers, fries, and incredible shakes!