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We pulled out of Troy, MI today.  We holed up yesterday working and trying to catch up on emails and other work, and sleep too for that matter.  It was too darn hot and humid to do much of anything anyway.  But before leaving the Detoit area today, we HAD to go to Motown!

Motown Museum!  Hitsville USA

Motown Museum! Hitsville USA


I play guitar and a visit to Detroit would not be complete without a pilgrimage to Motown.  It was incredible to be in Studio A where so much incredible talent recorded.  A couple of neat things about the tour: you learn how they created the echo sound in the recordings by bouncing the sound through the attic, and you actually get to sing in Studio A.
After Motown, we hit the road and drove through MI, Indiana, and into Illinios.  I decided to stop in Chicago tonight for deep dish pizza.  We went to Malnati’s, and had their classic deep dish.  On to Des Moines tomorrow.  Shout out to my little buddy Logan, who got some bad news today on another relapse of ALL.  While his bone marrow remains clear, the biopsy on the leasion on his head came back positive for Leukemia.  Hang tough buddy, and kick cancer’s butt again!

Logan-- follow him on FB: LoveforLogan

Logan– follow him on FB: LoveforLogan

One final important post for Michigan:
I am really dissapointed and sorry that Troy was a media black-out for the Quilt.  First, my mom and I completely failed when we had pulled basically an all-nighter getting there and setting up that we only had one hour to sleep before I had to leave to get to a studio interview on Detroit 4.  We didn’t hear our alarms and missed it.  That has never happened, and we were really dissapointed that we failed.  The news station talked about trying to get a team out over the week end, but sadly it never happened.  We thought at least the newspapers were comng and that would be good, but I don’t know what happened that the reporters who came to the quilt never wrote/published the articles.  I am pretty suprised too because they seemed very interested.  I am stunned and sorry that we had no media coverage.
One reason for needing media coverage is to let people know to visit the quilt, another important reason is to raise awareness with facts about childhood cancer to a wider audience, and the third important reason in each area is to remember the children on the quilt from the area we are visiting.  Because we never got media coverage in Troy/Detroit, (or at least non I can find on the internet), I wanted to share the Michigan kids who are on the National Angel Quilt with everyone:

Please meet Andrew Smith, Ashlee Drouillard, Dayne Liberty, and Devan White, all warriors, heroes and angels of childhood cancer.
Ashlee Drouillard
Ashlee Drouillard – 
5/9/1995 – 11/15/2009
Ashlee loved her big sister, Emily, horses, monkeys, and her dog, Bailey.  On June 28, 2007, Ashlee was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma, at the age of 12.  After 8 rounds of chemo, 10 hours of surgery to remove the tumor and 6 weeks of radiation she was told in 2008 that the tumor was gone.  She packed up her infectious smile and started junior high that fall.  But in January 2009, the cancer had returned, this time on the left side instead of the right.  Ashlee had more rounds of chemo and experimental drug treatments, which unfortunately had no effect.
Ashlee earned her angel wings on November 15th, 2009, at the age of 14.  Ashlee was always optimistic and became an inspiration to many.  She dreamed the dreams that most young girls do.  She dreamed of prom, boyfriends, driving, college, marriage, children and so much more.  She also wanted to be sure people became aware of Childhood Cancer and hoped the cures would be found.  Ashlee loved life, her friends, and her family.  She will be loved and remembered forever.
-Ashlee’s Mom

Andrew Smith
Earned his Angel Wings on 12/04/2009 after battling DIPG, (a brain tumor). He is deeply missed by his family, friends, and community.

Dayne Liberty
Earned his Angel Wings on 11/23/2010
Dayne (D.J.) was diagnosed with Liposarcoma when he was 9 years old. It is a rare childhood cancer and the doctors misdiagnosed his cancer as benign because they had never seen this before in a child. He had multiple surgeries and and radiation treatments before he was 12. When DJ was 13 he had 2 courses of chemotherapy and besides loosing his hair, he had no serious complications. We thought everything was good until a tumor was discovered on an artery near his heart. Even after surgery and another round of radiation the tumor spread throughout his lungs and he was put on hospice one week before his 14th birthday. We brought him home on a Sunday Nov, 14th, had a giant birthday party for him that day with family. On the 15th he had one of his closest friends over to visit. He passed away the following Tuesday, November 23, 2010.
DJ loved the beach. He would spend most of his summer vacation with his cousin Tyler in Traverse City. He also loved to travel. He visited Gettysburg, Mystic Conneticut, Ohio, Illinois, Tennesee, Chicago and many more places. His wish was to start high school. He was able to attend ninth grade for 3 weeks. He made such an impression on his classmates and teachers in such a short period of time. There were people at his funeral that I hadn’t even met yet. They would tell me stories of how smart he was in class and how much he loved to be in school.
He was an awesome big brother, cousin and friend. He is survived by his younger sister Macey and his little brother Nate, his parents James and April, grand parents, great grandmother, aunts, uncles and cousin Tyler. His life impacted so many while he was here on earth. We all miss him and daily and dearly. We are happy to see that he is remembered with this quilt. I hope that anyone who reads this and sees his smile understands how much his life influenced others.
-Dayne’s Mom

Devan Christopher White  –  5/11/1995 – 1/7/2011
My son Devan was an active 15 year old boy that played several sports.  He had many friends as he was quite the character and had the personality that would light up a room with laughter.
He was a freshman in high school when he was diagnosed with NET – Primitive Neuro Ectodermal Tumor (a rare, cancerous, pediatric brain tumor).  We took him to Columbus, Ohio on January 13th, 2010 to have the tumor removed at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.  Following the surgery, we brought him back to Ft. Wayne where he would undergo aggressive radiation and chemotherapy at Lutheran Children’s Hospital for several months.  During the treatments he became very weak and lost most of his eyesight.  Once the chemo was stopped, the tumor began to grow and spread like wildfire.  At this point there was nothing else the doctors could do to stop the growth.  We were told that my sweet boy would possibly make it to Christmas.  Devan remained positive and knew that his time was limited.  He listened to his music and enjoyed the Christmas cards being sent to him from all over the world.  Devan made a wish through the “Make-A-Wish” Foundation and became an honorary Storm Trooper #511 and was presented with his own outfit.  Devan earned his angel wings on January 7, 2001 and now resides in Heaven where we will meet up again someday.  He will be missed and never forgotten.
We love you baby doll.
Love,  Mom.