About the Quilt

The National Angel Quilt for Childhood Cancer

Presented by: Make Some Noise: Cure Kids Cancer Foundation, Inc.,
A 501(c)(3) established by a child with cancer to raise critically needed cure research funds for childhood cancers.

The National Angel Quilt features images, names and ages of children who have lost their battles with cancer. These beautiful children may have lost the cancer battle, but all are the most inspiring heroes and have each earned their angel wings. The Angel Quilt honors these angels of pediatric cancer, and we are very excited to bring Pediatric Cancer Awareness to the country in such a beautiful and meaningful way.

The quilt was designed to grow as more families hear of the quilt and add their children. As we have lost 20,000 to 30,000 children in the past ten years, the quilt can potentially become quite impactful as it grows and tours the country. It is our hope that the quilt will bring more attention and funding to childhood cancer research, so that one day there will be no more angels to add to the quilt.

The National Angel Quilt was actually my mom’s idea not mine but it was a really good one. She had four mom friends who lost their kids to cancer all in about two weeks of each other and she was really upset that the country has no idea who we are losing. We already had the foundation up and running and I was always trying to figure out how to make as much noise across the country as possible to raise national awareness so we can speed up the cure research. When she dreamt up the National Angel Quilt we both knew this was going to be powerful. “Angel” came from the fact that every time a child dies, their parents post on their carepages that their child earned their “angel wings.” And we called it the National Angel Quilt because this is a national issue, well actually a global issue but in the US alone, we have lost between twenty to thirty thousand kids to cancer in the past ten years. The quilt features images of children we have lost to cancer. Their families personalize their panels and each one is different. It gives the country a chance to get to meet the kids we have lost and understand that these were not just statistics they were great kids with futures until one day when they were diagnosed with cancer. If the country could meet the kids it wouldn’t be so hard to ignore childhood cancer. The children on the quilt were all incredible heroes. They deserve to be remembered. They should still be here with us growing up, playing sports, going to school, learning to drive, graduating, having jobs, spouses, kids. They don’t get that chance. We are really honored to be able to share each of the angels with you and to bring awareness for kids cancer in a way that means something. If even half of the families who have lost children send their Angels to us to be included on the quilt the quilt will be too big for the country to ignore. We hope they do. We hope the quilt becomes something really powerful and helps raise enough awareness for childhood cancer that we can help speed up the cure research so that one day the quilt won’t have any more angels to add to it. So far, the quilt has displayed in PA, three locations in NJ, Boston, and MD. We are taking it to Denver in March, Seattle in April, Chicago in May, and will be getting venues booked across the country until we have done our job!

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  1. Meta

    I read somewhere recently about the Angel Quilt and that you need donations of light/med purple and yellow material to help make the panels. I cannot find the article now with the address to send fabric. Have you approached some of the textile companies with your request? P&B fabrics is one place to start.. Happy to help.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Meta,

      Thank you for reaching out. Here is the Quilter Magazine Article:
      We’ll look into P&B when we get home from the tour. Thank you for the suggestion.

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