Make Some Noise 2011 Junior Board

Junior Board Members

Kiera M. Brennan
Lilly Daneman
Roxanne Feitel
Margaret Gaal
Rebecca A. Garcia
Samantha A. Garcia
Caitlin R. Harper

Elise Lang
Ben Lanman
Emma J. Nosofsky
James R. Sutherland-Foggio
Malcolm S. Sutherland-Foggio
Sydney Becker (not pictured)
Rachel Kovach (not pictured)
Catherine O'Kane (not pictured)

Mission Statement | The Make Some Noise Junior Board was created to bring young adults from different communities together to accomplish one goal: to raise awareness of pediatric cancer in their respective areas as a means to fund research that will ultimately find a cure. We hope to inspire other young adults to join the effort on a local and national scale. The Junior Board will serve as a branch of the main foundation to assist in the collaborative effort to "make some noise".